updated on  29 November 2023

December 3 , 2023  -
9.00 am - 10.00am

We have our weekly Corporate Prayer every Sunday. Please come early and join us. This will be in the new Sanctuary

You can use Prayer Items in Pastor’s weekly email to pray and intercede for Church and missionaries during this Corporate Prayer Meeting..

Sunday Worship Service

updated on 29 November 2023

3 December2023

Speaker:                     Ps Robert Yeo
Sermon Title:            Faithful Members  

We want to extend our warmest welcome to all our visitors and worshippers every Sunday.
Be blessed as you worship God with us and enjoy His Presence!

Friday Bible Study

updated on  21 November 2023

 Friday November 24, 2023
 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm

Teacher: Pastor Dr. Tan Kok Beng

Topic:   EPHESIANS  6:10-24

Date: FRIDAY November 24

Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm  (Worship songs will begin at 7.15pm).

Zoom Link Below: 
Meeting ID: 870 1591 9362
Passcode: 55555 

PAUL’S EPISTTLE TO THE EPHESIANS is like a Theological Thesis and is thus quite difficult to understand for many believers.
But it contains a lot of divine Truths and spiritual teaching and is very helpful for us in understanding the deeper things of God.

Please read through this Book at least once to familiarize yourself with the contents. This will help and enable you to understand and get more out of the Expository Teaching. 

Chapter 1 is about “The Believer’s Calling in CHRIST” and contains some difficult concepts like Election and Predestination.
These two terms have been quite misunderstood by Christians and a lot debate has resulted because of this.

Chapter 2 is about “The Believer’s Relationship in CHRIST” – a relationship which brings much spiritual benefit to the Christian.

Chapter 3 is about “The Blessings of the Gospel ” and is about Paul’s call to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles. He also shares about the revelation of “the Mystery” that God gave him for the Gentile Church. He also prays a wonderful and powerful prayer for the Church. What he prays for is very enlightening and encouraging. It also teaches how we should pray for the Church.

Chapter 4 is about “THE UNITY AND GROWTH OF THE CHURCH” which has to do with the work of God through the Holy Spirit in the Church and in the lives of His children. There are instructions on how Christians should live and serve God.

Chapter 5:1-21.  This passage is about “The Call of God to Holy Living” and how Christians should live and behave in Society among unbelievers.

Verses 5:22 -6:9     This Passage is about “The Christian Family: Relationship, Roles & Responsibilities”. Besides this we will also discuss about God’s plan for the unmarried n those wives with unbelieving husbands. 

Verses 6:9-24     This passage is about the "Spiritual Warfare and The Armour of God". This passage talks about the Principles and Powers that control the world and we need to know who they are  and how to overcome them. There are four kinds of demonic powers: do you know what they are?

Why is the Armour of God so important in Spiritual Warfare?

Hopefully the answers will be given in our study, so please read the passage carefully before joining FBS. This will help and enable you to understand and get more out of the Expository Teaching.

This will be our last study for 2023. We will take a recess until January 2024 when FBS will start again with a new Book study.


updated on 05 July 2023

09 July, 2023


A new Church Board had been elected. The new board members are listed in the  ABOUT US page.


updated on 11 October 2023

21 October, 2023


QIAN XI Restaurant (Civil Service Club),
60, Tessensohn Road (Sp. 217664).

Latest Updates :
Firstly, we will celebrate with a THANKSGIVING DINNER on Saturday, 21st October at 6.30PM at the QIAN XI RESTAURANT (FARRER PARK). Members and Guests are encouraged to be seated by 6.15PM as we want to start our Programme punctually at 6.30PM.

Secondly, in Church on Sunday October 22, we will continue with our THANKSGIVING SERVICE @ 10:30AM. Our missionaries will participate in the Service and also share about their ministries.

Church camp 2023

updated on 13 October 2023

14-17 December, 2023  -

Venue:   iHotel Baloi. BATAM 
Date:  14-17 December 2023
Cost:  $350 - $470 per pax 

Please write to Ps Chris Chee at Email: for more details and the Camp Registration Form.

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