"Serve the Lord with gladness" (Psa. 100.2)

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The Mennonite Church of Singapore (MCS) began in 2002 with six committed Christians under the leadership of Pastor Dr. Tan Kok Beng. The first official Church Service began on Sunday, 27 th January 2002 when some 25 attended, mostly friends and well-wishers of the small nucleus.

Through much prayer, evangelism and ministry to hurting and sick people, gradually the attendances at Sunday services increased. By the end of the first year there were 25 committed members.

The first church camp in December 2002 at Pulai Springs, Johore Baru, saw some 27 members including children having a great time of fellowship and gelling.

By the end of 2003 the church attendances averaged 35-40. By then Pastor Joseph Callan Lam had joined the leadership team. The 2003 Camp, in conjunction with Upper Room Fellowship saw an attendance of 100 at the Hyatt Hotel, Johore Baru. Dr. Samuel January was the guest speaker. 

The church camp of June, 2004 in Malacca saw some 160 campers, including those from URF. The speaker was Rev. John Tan of an AOG church in Pertaling Jaya. Meanwhile the church attendances increased and averaged 70 throughout the year. Then 2005 we decided that we will have only MCS members for our camp. So for the June 2005 Camp we had Pastor Rusty Russell as our speaker. It was held in the Vista Hotel Batam, and 70 members attended. It was most blessed camp and many were touched by the Lord in a special way.

In early 2005, Pastor Mary Lau joined the church and was elected into the church board.

Then in November that year, the church moved to its own new rented premises at Lam Leong Building. The opening service was on the first Sunday of November and the official dedication Service was on the second Sunday when Pastor Tan gave the inaugural message from Haggai 2: “The glory of this house shall be greater than that of the former house”. Then in that same service Pastor Mary Lau was also dedicated as the resident Pastor of MCS with Thomas Tan as administrative assistant.

By that time the attendance had already averaged 90 per week. Then in June 2006 we had Pastor Sonny Ooi as the Camp Speaker in Pan Pacific Hotel, Johore Baru. Some 80 of our members attended the camp. God moved in a very wonderful way during this camp and everyone was blessed.

There were such tremendous blessings through the ministry of Pastor Sonny Ooi that he was invited to speak at a special Prophetic Healing Seminar in July, co-sponsored by the Upper Room Fellowship. We saw packed attendances for four evenings and many were blessed while others experienced healing.

As of October 2006, the membership of MCS stands at 95. The weekly attendances average 100-120. Praise be unto God.

Church Leadership Committee:

CHAIRMAN: Ps. Dr Robert Yeo.
HON. SECRETARY: Bro. Joshua Thia.
HON. TREASURER: Bro Jason Yap.
HON. ASST. TREASURER: Sis. Tan Juay Heok.
MEMBERS: Ps. Dr Tan Kok Beng, Bro Ricky Thia, Bro Damien Lim & Sis. Ng Mi Li. 


Ps. Tan Kok Beng (Hp.96409286)
Ps. Robert Yeo (Hp.94763657),
Ps. Low Hwee Kiaw (Hp: 98782595), and
Ps. Christopher Chee (Hp: 96349597). 

Tithes and Offerings

As part of our practice, offering bags will not be circulated during the service.
If you want to give to the Lord, please use the Offering Box next to the Reception Table.

For Cheques: Please make out to
“The Mennonite Church, Singapore”.
You can also use PAY NOW with MCS UEN no.: S92SS0030AUEN